Research Centre Opened

Irish Centre for Fetal and Neonatal Translational Research (INFANT) was offically launched in Cork University Maternity Hospital on the 20th September 2013. Funded by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) this centre under the directorship of Profs Geraldine Boylan and Louise Kenny will be the first centre for fetal and neonatal research in Ireland. NEMO is very well representated in INFANT as Dr Deirdre Murray is an INFANT PI and Dr Ronit Pressler and Dr Janet Rennie are named INFANT collaborators. 

The INFANT team, a group of doctors, scientists and engineers, are developing screening and diagnostic tests and methods of monitoring both pregnancy and newborns, identifying risk and enabling early treatment and intervention. Discoveries will quickly update clinical practice and the diagnosis of disease worldwide for the most common and serious complications in pregnancy and newborn babies. 

INFANT addresses a lack of predictive and diagnostic tests in perinatal care, to develop effective screening tests and facilitate novel treatments for the most common complications of pregnancy and the most significant problems for newborn babies in intensive care. Next generation devices will be created to allow both point-of-care and remote healthcare monitoring and diagnostics. INFANT is working closely with industry partners to ease the burden of perinatal health complications and deliver enormous social and economic impact.

INFANT website 

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